Automatically Keep Your Gems

Updating dependencies can be difficult - Dependable makes it easy.
A quick 3-min integration with GitHub and Dependable opens a pull request to update your gems.

It's not magic, it's Dependable.

Simple & Fast

Initial setup typically takes less than 3-min

Dependable opens pull requests to update your gems

Dependable integrates with your GitHub library and continually scans for updates 

Automatically integrates with the Dependable custom CI service or any CI service you use


The decision of whether to upgrade depends on an informed perspective on the suitability of the upgrade

Dependable sifts through reams of information and presents only the bits that matter:

- what’s changed in your gems

- how gems have been updated

Secure & Reliable

Dependable persists your versioning strategy, or allows you to alter it and make customizations

Dependable will not issue a pull request if the update will generate any breakage

We'll take care of the gem updates so you can focus on creating something awesome.

We've all learned that code is a liability, especially when the code base is out of your control. At the same time, dependency management is time consuming and mundane. Dependable picks up where other dependency management systems have left off, automating the tedious work of monitoring and updating changes to dependencies over time. Dependable frees you to think about the real questions associated with evaluating updates by giving you all the information you need about the update. It's not magic, it's Dependable.

For Ruby enthusiasts looking to have their gems automatically updated. Other platforms and languages coming soon.

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